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Our Modules

QualityKick consists of different modules which you can activate depending on your needs. Each module solves a specific part of your Quality Management processes while all the modules are interconnected. You pay for the modules you use, not for the whole package.

Document Control

Edit your documents comfortably with MS Word and push these documents through a configurable review and approval process where each relevant user is notified automatically to perform her task.

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Configure different types of events: deviations, non-confomities or complaints. This module then makes it easy to register these events after which root cause analysis can be performed and decide if a CAPA is required.

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Define your CAPA plan, register CAPA actions and check its effectiveness. The automated notifications upon status change make sure that the relevant persons follow-up in a timely manner and CAPAs don’t get stuck.

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Change Control

This module enables you to create and assign all the relevant tasks of a required change to specific users. These users must then sign off on them individually. Proof can of course be uploaded and QA reviews and signs off once all tasks have been completed.

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Know at all times who needs to be trained, and for what. Define which documents need to be read and which tasks need to be finished and leave the rest up to the trainings module to keep track of everything. Automate the trainings process.

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See the performance of all your QualityKick modules all in one glance.

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Register and qualify your lab instruments or manufacturing machines and define recurring maintenance and calibration tasks. After this the Equipment module makes sure to notify the relevant persons to perform recurrent tasks and sign off on them.