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Configure and Forget

A simple Equipment Maintenance Solution

Efficient Management of
Instruments and Machinery 

The Equipment Module allows you to register and manage your Equipment in QualityKick through some very simple but efficient tools. This means that not only will you know, where your equipment is located, who manufactured it and when the next maintenance task will take place, you will also be able to define if an Equipment has been involved in an Event.

Keep track of all your
equipment and make sure maintenance
is always up to date

QualityKick’s Equipment module makes it easy to register all your lab instruments as well as production machinery, organize it according to Equipment Types and set up recurring maintenance and calibration tasks.

Register your Equipment

Simplify the task of adding new Equipment by configuring Equipment Types

Define Equipment Types for your lab instruments and manufacturing machines, include relevant information such as manufacturer, supplier, location and link the Equipment Type to Tags used throughout QualityKick.

When creating new Equipment based on preconfigured Equipment Types these fields will automatically be populated.




Make sure equipment maintenance never fails

Define recurring maintenance and calibration tasks

When defining these tasks in the Equipment Module you will be able to describe what needs to be done, set up a deadline, define who shall execute the task and how often it has to be repeated.

QualityKick will take care of informing the relevant responsible persons when it is time for them to perform recurrent tasks and sign off on them.


Link Equipment to Events

Ensure to keep track of any Equipment that has been implicated in an Event

In the case that an Equipment has been involved in an Event you will be able to Create a Linked Event directly from the Equipment Module, while editing the Equipment. A new Event will then be created in QualityKick and added to the Events Module.

Equipment Module Benefits

Ensure that your equipment is always maintained and calibrated correctly by setting up the corresponding tasks. QualityKick will make sure nobody misses a maintenance deadline.

    • Easy to implement and learn

      Register your Equipment through a simple, yet compliant, system which automates part of the process.

      • Make sure QA approves the EquipmentInclude all necessary and relevant information on the Equipment when creating it in QualityKick by filling out all relevant fields and uploading any useful documentation on the Equipment.

  • Setup the module in no timeYou can configure the Equipment module in just a few minutes and start working with it right away. We will actually do that together with you while we explain the different configuration options.

  • Only pay for what you use

    Your annual QualityKick cost depends both on the number of modules you use and the number of users you create. But you can further keep costs down by activating the Equipment module only for users who are in charge of the control and maintenance of Equipment in your organization.

  • Compliant according to FDA 21 CFR part 11

    QualityKick has been developed and validated according to the 21CFR11 and Annex 11 guidelines.

  • World-class support

    Once you become a customer our goal becomes to help you get the most out of QualityKick by following up proactively on your progress.

Equipment Module User Opinions

See what QualityKick users have to say for themselves

Since we use QualityKick in our company I notice that I’m more precise with the documentation I provide for CAPAs or events in which I’m involved. The reason for this, is that it’s easier for QA to reject something until it’s perfect. This may sound like a bad thing, but it’s obviously good from a quality perspective.

Michael Verelst
Section Head Biosample Management & Preanalytics

The best thing about QualityKick is that now we have all quality related information in the same place. This has been a huge improvement for us as we came from a paper-based system. Besides that, the application in itself is really easy to learn and use.

Kim Mous
Senior Project Manager Clinical Trials

I use mostly the CAPAs and Events modules in QualityKick. What I like about these modules is that it enables us to keep a very good overview of all these quality related tasks and improvements we need to keep track of. Without QualityKick this was a bit of a mess.

Koen Marien
Imaging Scientist

Frequently Asked Questions

See below which have been the most frequent questions we received
from our customers about the Equipments module

Can I upload an instruction file, testing results or validation documentation to the Equipment?

Yes, when creating the Equipment, you will be able to upload files in different formats such as doc, pdf, jpg, etc.

Can I define the location of my Equipment?

Yes, QualityKick enables you to define locations of your Equipment in detail, allowing you to define overall locations and then specifying sublocations if needed. For example, you can define that a lab instrument is in your plant in London and then specify which Laboratory it is in.

What is QA’s role in the Equipment creation process?

Before any Equipment reaches the final OK status, QA can either approve it by signing of or reject it. When rejecting any Equipment QA is asked to give a reason. The responsible person then has a chance to rectify the issues that need amending and ask QA for approval again.

Are there also different statuses in the Equipment Module?

Yes, the Equipment goes through different statuses, but the process is simpler than in other Modules, once the Equipment has been Created it passes to Under Signing by QA and then finally to OK.

Can I export a List of all my Equipment from QualityKick?

Yes, all QualityKick Modules are configured so that you can easily export a List in Excel of all the contents of the Module. You can preconfigure exactly which information to include in the Excel spreadsheet by adding the columns in the Equipment List.

Are Groups also applicable in the Equipment Module?

Yes, linking items to Groups is a fundamental function in QualityKick. By working with Groups, you define who can see the Equipment and also who can have a role in relation to the Equipment.

Will I be able to indicate who the Manufacturer of the Equipment is?

Yes, the Equipment Module relies on the Contacts you have created in QualityKick. In order to link a Manufacturer to an Equipment you must first add the Manufacturer to your QualityKick Contacts. Thereafter you will be able to select the Manufacturer both in Equipment Types as well as in Equipment details.

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